We Love Curtains!

Gone are the curtains that were framed by bulky pelmets with swags and tails, heavy linings, that would darken and close in the room space. Curtains have come a long way, with slimline tracks and beautiful decorative rod options. They can appear light and airy with modern minimalist curtain headings. Beautiful patterned fabrics with colour and vibrancy, fabrics with texture in such a large range of density and colour options. Curtains that come from the ceiling height all the way down to touching the floor adding drama and elegance to a room. Curtains are back!!

Think not of the curtain fabric that Maria in the ‘sound of music’ made the children’s outfits from but rather curtains that exude luxury…no matter what your budget is. The range of fabrics that are available on the market today that are not expensive will amaze you. No matter what your budget is there is an option to suit.

  • Curtains provide good light block out where necessary
  • Curtains protect furniture and floors from fading with protection from UV radiation
  • Curtains have terrific thermal benefits whether you are trying to keep out the heat or keep the heat in during the winter months
  • Curtains reduce any noise pollution in a room
  • Curtains furnish and add texture to a room
  • Curtains add interest with an injection of colour and softness in a space
  • Curtains don’t need maintenance or drycleaning, a simple vacuum is all that is required to have them last a very long time indeed.

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With love Tiffany x